Cr Hughes arrested for trying to  stop woodchipping of Badja
Measuring the Eden chipmill fence, built illegally without Council approval With 700 others at the Eden chipmill rally in July 2006 At home with solar power


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Keith Hughes was first elected to the Bega Valley Shire Council in 2002 and re-elected at subsequent polls. He is a tutor at the University of University of Wollongong Bega Campus in Economics, Statistics and environmental studies.
He is also a forest activist with a strong commitment to ending woodchipping of native forests.

Selected Media Statements

17 May 2016 BVSC Motion on freezer factory trawlers
7 April 2016  Greens Councillor Hughes moves to curb balloon release to protect birds and marine life

16 November 2015 Bega Valley Council seeks Logging Industry Bribe
17 February 2015
Councillor Hughes Pleas for Mercy for Bali Two  Photo


5 August 2014 Woodchipper fails in Code of Conduct Complaint against Greens Councillor

25 November 2013 Chinese Chipmill Visitors asked: Please don’t Support Native Forest Woodchipping
16 October 2013  Bega may take First Step to Plastic Bag Ban today
20 September 2013
Bega Valley Shire Council asked to support Equal Marriage
4 August 2013 Greens Councillor supports Tree removal Protest
June 2013 New woodchip rates subsidy revealed

25 March 2012  Hughes renews call for Log Truck ban
7 March 2012  Ban log trucks from Mount Darragh Road – Greens Councillor

14 June 2011 Chipmill pellet plant – “reject it, or at least stop it bludging on other rate payers” - Hughes

27th December 2010  Councillor Hughes “not guilty”. First Mumbulla koala protest charges decided in Bega Local Court
18 October 2010 Greens condemn Council Funds for Guns
19 September 2010 Greens Councillor Forest Ban Dropped

21 September 2009 Bega joins global climate wake-up call
12 September 2009 “Don’t destroy Wanatta Lane landscape” 
30 August 2009  Forests NSW “above the law”

6 May 2009 Chipmill Misled Council – Greens

30 September 2008 "Native forest furnace? no thanks"
2 August 2008 Community needs not developer greed
8 July 2008 Forests NSW owes BVSC ratepayers $18 million  - Greens
6 May 2008 "Industry should pay for Log Truck Damage" - Greens
28 April 2008  Tax on Forests NSW can save Rates Hike
25 April 2008 Zero waste is the answer, not crocodile tears
9 March 2008 Greens call for Ban on Developer Donations to Local Council Candidate

4 June Greens Councillor rejected by Prime Minister
7 May Tax State Forests to Solve Budget Problems – Hughes

7 December 2006  Developers should not be counting their Money yet
4 November 2006 Speech to Pambula Walk Against Warming  
29 September Cyclists welcome Council’s support for the Environment
1 September 2006 Bega Valley embraces ambitious clean energy targets
14 August 2006 Council audit duds community


23 November 2005 Renewable Energy better than Gas
29 August 2005   Climate Change Workshop Focuses on Solutions
5 August 2005 Letter to Editor: “A Miller or Chip Miller”
21 March 2005 Letter to the Editor: 160 Trucks a day
15 March 2005   Letter to the Editor Response to Chipmill criticism
9 March 2005  Bega Valley Shire Council Joins Push to end Corporate Election Donations
9 February 2005  Council lifts James Hardie Bans

22 August 2004    Call for Asbestos Boycott
25 June 2004  Developers on notice: pay full cost of water and sewerage for new subdivisions
10 June 2004 State Government Buys into Row over Council Plans for Residents to Subsidise Developers
30 May 2004 Current Residents Will Subsidise Developers - Hughes
21 March 2004  Overdevelopment threat looms on Far South Coast
10 March 2004 Bega Hedges Bets on GMOs
8 March 2004  A container return scheme would help clean up Australia every day
24 February 2004  Queen must go, says Hughes

3 February 2004  Councillor defends "politics"


12 November 2003   Greens win Reprieve for Bournda Trees
26 June 2003  Slush Fund causes Council Angst
31 May 2003   Hughes Slams Slush Fund
26 February 2003 
Protesters block woodchip ship - Councillor arrested

16 Feb 2003   Bega Valley Joins World Calls for Peace
27 January 2003  Bega Bans GMOs

4 November 2002  Letter to Bega District News: Sarcasm Can't Hide Forest Destruction
9 October 2002  Councillor slams media "spin" training
2 July 2002 
Make Woodchippers Pay Says Councillor


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