Margaret Perger is The Greens candidate for the electorate of Bega in the March 2015 NSW Elections

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Margaret Perger
of Moruya is a former Senior Citizen of the Year who believes in putting her ideals into practice. She lives in a passive solar house she designed herself.
She was selected unopposed as candidate and has previously represented The Greens as a candidate for election to Eurobodalla Shire Council.
As The Greens candidate Margaret is looking forward to explaining Greens policies in important areas such as climate change, social justice, development  and the environment.

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Media Statements

20 March 2015 Tathra Solar Farm, the way to go! – Greens
19 March 2015 Greens Campaign - closing words for the Eden Magnet
20 March 2015 Closing the Gap - Greens Aboriginal policy  announcement  Greens Aboriginal Policy Initiative
16 March 2015
Greens take on the vested interests to fund the future - infrastructure without privatisation or unsustainable debt
10 March 2015
Greens South Coast Forestry launch: Protecting the SE Forests for the Future Backgrounder
5 March 2015 Greens move to Ban Plastic Bags
2 March 2015  Ending the Cruelty - The Greens NSW Plan to Protect Animals
23 February 2015 
“Restore Marine Park Sanctuary Zones for tourism, fishing and the environment”
19 February 2015  Greens announce $120 million to assist young farmers & on-farm conservation

12 February 2015 Bega future at risk as old parties rip off TAFE
9 February 2015  Greens announce initiative to 'Stand Up for Renters'
26 January 2015  NSW should declare feral deer pests
3 November
 2014  Margaret Perger to represent The Greens in the Seat of Bega


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