Greens to push for Council sponsored car pooling and bike tracks.


The Greens will harness the internet to encourage car sharing, plan for bike-ways and provide the impetus for more public transport said Rosemary Beaumont, Greens candidate for the Bega Valley Shire Council.


“The Greens want to see a council sponsored website that allows commuters to type in the details of their commute from Bermagui to work, for example, and find a neighbour who they could car pool with”.  said Dr Beaumont.


“Car pooling has the potential to substantially reduce the amount of carbon emissions and to save on fuel bills overnight. It can also foster a greater sense of community and set up the infrastructure networks ahead of the Peak Oil impacts.


Council sponsored car pooling systems are cheap and effective and after the initial set up phase, virtually run themselves. There are website models that we could adapt for our own use and start doing it very quickly. Car pooling is used widely outside Australia and at Council websites such as: and even  in car centric California


“In the age of google maps and text messaging, it should be relatively simple for council to provide this web service to facilitate car pooling. Indeed, once it is up and running there should be little work for Council Staff as car poolers can contact each other directly.


“The Greens also want to see bike pathways as part of Council planning in the future and allocate some section 94 funding sources for this purpose. It may be a bit ambitious for us right now, but one of the most inspiring schemes around is the Velib bikes of Paris which are banks of bikes for people to use and then leave at designated sites at the end of a trip.


“Longer term, The Greens aim for more public transport including rail to our region and Council can have a big impact in pushing for that” said Rosemary


Contact: Rosemary Beaumont 02 6493 8306,      0403 425 231