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Your Greens Candidates in the Bega Valley Shire Council Elections 2008

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The Greens believe in grass roots democracy   ●      more regional public transport  ●   rail transport in our region  ●  ban developer donations      ●        stop ratepayers subsidising woodchips ●  clean green energy   ●      Bega Valley can have “transition towns”  ●   Keep Bega a GE free shire  ●   A welcome town for refugees      ●    respect for Indigenous culture ●   sustainable development   ●  a zero waste shire   ●   container deposit legislation  ●  ban native forest biomass electricity generation and biofuels   ●  greater support for music and the arts  ● 

Keith Hughes Rosemary Beaumont Emma O'Haire  

I have represented The Greens on the Bega Valley Shire Council for the past 2 terms, working hard to introduce principles of sustainability and social justice into council decisions.
I successfully sponsored motions to make Bega a “Welcome Town” for Refugees and to make the Bega Valley a GE Free Shire.
I want ratepayer subsidies to the woodchipping industry to cease and will push hard for more regional public transport, including rail.
The Greens believe in caring for the earth and caring for others.
We have a strict code of conduct to promote honesty, transparency and respect in public life.


The next four years will see major social, economic and environmental change, and the ability to adapt responsibly and creatively lies primarily with the community. The Shire Council can actively strengthen connections and cohesion within our community through advocacy, inclusion, skill, vision, wisdom and respectful decision-making which engages different perspectives. Our community is already initiating actions appropriate to this transition. The Council can support and champion these initiatives to enable regional vibrancy and real sustainability which is not captive to short sighted self-interests.
I offer care, commitment, some experience and skill, understanding of the three levels of government and processes of inclusive, social transformation


I am a 24 year old interior designer/ lighting consultant and also work as a casual close personal protection operative. My passion is for promoting a healthy and an environmentally responsible lifestyle.
I am very concerned with the high levels of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics found in commercially farmed produce these days.
My greatest ambition in life is to encourage every one where possible to grow ALL their own food.
I believe that any time not spent on or with a horse is being time wasted.
When not working I enjoy the challenges of hand building a mudbrick house on my bush retreat.




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